Listing driver names


This is in relation to an article describing how to “downgrade” your Windows 8 install to Windows 7. There are not shortcuts, anyone, it’s a full reinstallation of Win 7 – but you do get to use your OEM Windows 8 licence key. Whoopee.

I’m just thankful my Win 7 laptop is holding up ok (thank you, Dell XPS 15) and I hope it’ll continue to do so until Windows 9. Assuming Windows 9 is like the Windows 7 to the Vista of Win 8.

Anyway, the article covers off obtaining the Windows 7 drivers for your hardware, but asserts there’s no convenient way of listing the drivers from System Manager without simply writing them down. Well, there is in fact Powershell

Quick n easy script

  1. Open Powershell
  2. Run (copy and paste and hit Enter – this is all one line):
    Get-WmiObject Win32_PNPEntity | where-object {$_.manufacturer -ne $null -and $_.manufacturer -ne "Microsoft" -and $_.manufacturer -notlike "(Standard*" } | select-object caption, manufacturer | ft -auto
  3. Look at:
    All the lovely lines on your screen saying the following:

    Razer Gaming Device                                          Razer
    AMD High Definition Audio Device                             Advanced Micro Devices
    Bluetooth AV Source                                          Broadcom Corp.
    Ricoh SD/MMC Host Controller                                 Ricoh Company
    Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller - 2934    Intel

OK, there’s still probably going to be a bit of faffing about trying to locate the drivers and figuring out which ones you must have, but generally the by-far easiest method is to go the manufacturer’s website and search for the hardware model you own and then Windows 7 drivers for that model.

Chipset (mine’s Intel) storage (HDD or SSD) and networking are the most important ones. If those are all working and the system boots and gets network connectivity, the others can all be obtained individually.

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