About me

I’m a Windows systems administrator of 15 years’ experience (MCSE in 1998). I also am a Red Hat Certified Technician (RHEL 4, so out of date). This blog is intended to be a collection of snippets and thoughts related to solving various techie issues I’ve encountered. I am an ordinarily competent sys admin. I am not awesome at coding or knowing every single system or whatever. I do help keep the place ticking over.

If I have any particular Windows skills, they’re in the areas of Active Directory, and the old school network services like DHCP and DNS. I do some Exchange. I have a decent knowledge of the Postfix MTA. With the “not a coder” thing, I can write some batch, some bash, and a wee smattering of Perl. This has all turned out to be slightly useful with the advent of Powershell, which I personally think is Microsoft’s best tech development of the last decade. Not that I’m great at writing PoSH scripts, but I’m making a start.

Why the blog?

This blog is inspired by a post I read called How to Blog About Code and Give Zero Fucks.

I am 100% not a coder (devs have “special” brains that I don’t). I’m not particularly self-conscious about writing about what I know (such as it is). But the underlying theme of the post resonated with me – that most the techie voices you hear are those of straight white men. I can count the number of women Windows administrators I’ve personally met in a 15 year career on less than one hand, and it’s getting worse as time goes on.

Also, I am currently doing a postgraduate course on Information Design (technical writing plus lots more), and practising writing about tech is good for that too.

I’m no guru, but if I add my little slice of what I know – and I do know how to write – I’m adding to the variety of voices out there that actually make up our tech community. And I hope it will encourage others.

I’ve learned from white Christian guys writing about what they know. I hope someone learns something of use from this queer woman.


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