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Fixing NTFS Folder ACLs with Powershell

Background I encountered a problem on a file server when trying to add a new permission to a group that needed to be applied to all our user home directory folders. The parent folder held the “default” permissions that should … Continue reading

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The poor person’s way to finding the last patch date on multiple systems

Background If you don’t have SCCM reporting in your Windows environment (extremely long story) and you need to figure out the last time a server had its OS patched for audit purposes (and your own peace of mind), here is … Continue reading

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Listing driver names

Background This is in relation to an article describing how to “downgrade” your Windows 8 install to Windows 7. There are not shortcuts, anyone, it’s a full reinstallation of Win 7 – but you do get to use your OEM … Continue reading

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Fixing up my music library with Powershell

Background I prefer to encode my music using the OGG format. The majority of my music (still, just) actually comes from my CDs, and I rip them into FLAC. To compress them a bit more for my media player, I … Continue reading

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Deleting mailboxes and a bit of fun with errors.

Background Following on from my last post about creating shared mailboxes, this one is about deleting mailboxes. In addition, we will be removing some domain groups that are used to grant access to a shared mailbox. I also wanted to … Continue reading

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Sharing mailboxes … working with external account creation

Background A common task in an Exchange environment is setting up shared mailboxes for multiple users to access. A specific “shared mailbox” recipient type was created with Exchange 2007 and continues through to Exchange 2013. A notable feature of the … Continue reading

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